The law and its wraith

Hey guys, here to talk about a recent issue all over the Australian media. One thats raising questions of corporate punishment and the death penalty. So for those of you who are unaware, two men from Australia were caught smuggling drugs into Bali. I don’t really want to go into specifics but thats the gist of it, the two men were Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Both arrested and part of “The Bali Nine, Drug Ring”, 9 people drug trafficking. Now usually my mentality is, you do the crime, you have to be willing to accept the consequences, which still is true…. but this is were it gets interesting. The men were arrested in 2005, 10 years ago. They were held up in prison which everyone knows is supposed to be used for rehabilitation. 10 years of rehabilitation, pondering, unknown and they executed them in the end anyway. It makes it worse that there were children and family of the convicted involved.  There is a pretty shocking article i’ve just read that details the moment these two Australian men and six others were shot, “refused to wear blindfolds”. You can read that HERE. It chills me to think about the men singing Christian songs, staring their killers in their eyes it really does.

But let me take a step back and think about this. The media have done an immensely good job of making the public feel sorry for these men. As a current student in Criminology, we touch on the medias influence of the distortion of crime and it happens a lot. These men (no exaggeration) were criminals. How much sympathy would you have for a random Asian man i grabbed off the street and told you he had been convicted of drug trafficking. Not much i’m guessing. When it comes down to it. These men knew, they knew what they were doing was illegal, they knew they were doing this in Bali, the country that has the death penalty in its legislation. Knowing this, they continued which says to me they were confident they were going to get away with it.

It’s easy to be disjointed from the whole situation but think empathetically. These men smuggle their drugs which then are distributed on the streets, one of your children is given some, becomes addicted, ruins their life…. Terrible example i know but what these men were trying to do was criminal and harmful to not only society but many individuals within it.

And it is with that that i leave you.

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WWI – Anzac Day

poppy day

So soon it is Anzac day which is a big deal in New Zealand and Australia, its a day of commemoration and solidarity to honor those who fought in WWI. I think WWII sort of overshadows WWI in a way, i mean, don’t get me wrong, WWII was horrendously savage, unthinkable glory, bravery and heroism of course but these stories of WWI are just, something else. Someone expressed to me the other day that their great great Grandfather fought in the war and that somehow, down the grape vine he had heard the stories of a certain march. He had told me that due to the rain and mush, the long fields that the allies had to track across to reach the enemy had become a death trap, like a quick-sand sort of thing. This wasn’t helped by the weight of their uniforms and weapons, causing some of them in the rush, to become stuck and slowly sink causing horrible deaths. The most haunting being that after most of them made it across, and been in a 3-day firefight and forced to retreat back to their previous area could see men, sunk up to their lips, still alive, gone insane.

That story really stays with me, the horror, its unimaginable. To donate to the RSA to help those brave men and woman fighting now and those who still need help from fighting in the past, click the attached photo, or purchase a poppy to show your support.

I promise not all posts will be this depressing, just thought it was fitting due to ANZAC day being so close.

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Introduction – this is me.

Howdy. So ill keep this short because most of what can be learned about me is on my about me page.  For a refresher for you new kids heres some quick fire facts about myself.

  • 18 years old
  • Live in New Zealand
  • Slightly above average height
  • Blue eyes
  • Average intelligence
  • Married with 5 kids
  • (Just kidding)
  • From a rich fancy pants family
  • Not a rich fancy pants kid
  • Okay just kidding i am
  • But seriously i’m not

All jokes aside. Im just your average typical 18 year old that decided to make a site dedicated to reviewing the good in this world. Reviewing the ‘antivirus‘ if you will. The good, the right, the pure. I don’t know, i just think some of the good that goes on in this little world is gone unnoticed or unacknowledged and personally, i think thats more wrong than the evil they are fighting. Reminds me of that quote:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”              

                            -Edmund Burke

Stay tuned, more is coming…